My Afternoons with Margueritte
My Afternoons with Margueritte
Directed by Jean Becker
Starring Gerard Depardieu, Gisele Casadesus
Theatrical Release date September 16, 2011
Run time 82 min
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In a small French town, Germain (Gérard Depardieu), a nearly illiterate man in his 50’s and considered to be the village idiot by his friends at the local bistro, takes a walk to the park one day and happens to sit beside Margueritte, a little old lady who is reading excerpts from her novel aloud. She's articulate, highly intelligent and frail. Between Germain and Margueritte, there are 40 years and 200 pounds difference. Germain is lured by Margueritte’s passion for life and the magic of literature from which he has always felt excluded.
“A wonderful, heartwarming story. One of the best films of the year.”
William Wolf
“Four stars… quirky, funny and very touching… will put a big smile on your face.”
Esther McCarthy
“Gerard Depardieu gives one of the strongest performances of his career. 97 year old Gisele Casadesus is an inspiring force of nature.”
Steven Farber
“Uterly charming and delightfully acted. A wonderful cinematic bouquet.”
Doris Toumarkine
“A sweet, intimate art-house treasure… blessed by the warmth and chemistry between it’s two lead performers, Gerard Depardieu and Gisele Casadesus.”
Michael Snyder
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