A Gaza Weekend

Theatrical Release Date Coming Soon
Run Time 93 min

Israel is cut off from the rest of the world after the outbreak of a deadly virus. Gaza is the safest place now, and Israelis are desperately trying to seek refuge there, including British journalist Michael (Stephen Mangan) and his Israeli girlfriend Keren (Mouna Hawa). The couple pay a smuggler to transport them, via Gaza, and onto Cyprus. But they find themselves stuck in a basement in Gaza, with Hamas on their trail, and their lives in the hands of hapless Palestinian market traders Emad (Loai Nofi) and Waleed (Adam Bakri), and Waleed’s long-suffering but resourceful wife Nuhad (Maria Zreik).

Name Role
Basil Khalil Writer and Director
Adam Bakri Walid
Amina Dasmal Producer
Maria Zreik Nuhad
Mouna Hawa Keren
Loai Noufi Emad
Country United Kingdom, Palestine
Languages Arabic, English, Hebrew
Subtitles Yes
Run time 93 min
Year Completed 2022