Directed by Costa-Gavras
Starring Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz, Ulrich Mühe
Run Time 132 min

Amen. examines the links between the Vatican and Nazi Germany. The central character is Kurt Gerstein (Ulrich Tukur), a Waffen-SS officer employed in the SS Hygiene Institute, designing programs for the purification of water and the destruction of vermin. He is shocked to learn that the process he has developed to eradicate typhus, by using a hydrogen cyanide mixture called Zyklon B, is now being used for killing Jews in extermination camps. Gerstein attempts to notify Pope Pius XII (Marcel Iureş) about the gassings, but is appalled by the lack of response he gets from the Catholic hierarchy. The only person moved is Riccardo Fontana (Mathieu Kassovitz), a young Jesuit priest.

Name Role
Ulrich Tukur Cast Member
Mathieu Kassovitz Cast Member
Ulrich Mühe Cast Member
Costa-Gavras Director
Costa-Gavras Writer
Rolf Hochhuth Writer
Andrei Boncea Producer
Michèle Ray-Gavras Producer
Jean-Claude Grumberg Writer
Country Romania, France, Germany
Original Language French
Run time 132 min
Year Completed 2002