Another Man's Poison

Theatrical Release Date November 20, 1951
Run Time 90 min

Fresh off her success in ALL ABOUT EVE, Bette Davis stars with her then husband Gary Merrill in this British crime noir that's positively dripping with melodrama.

Vivacious mystery novelist Janet Frobisher (Bette Davis) has been happily separated from her criminal husband for years. She now lives alone in a dark English country house and will stop at nothing to get what she wants - and what she wants at the moment is her secretary's fiancé Larry (Anthony Steel).

When her husband returns out of the blue and threatens to ruin her relationship, Janet resolves to poison him. Just as she's preparing to dispose of the body, disaster strikes! Her husband's criminal cohort George (Gary Merrill) arrives looking for his pal...

George wastes no time insinuating himself into Janet's home and life, and the web of tangled relationships soon develops into a macabre game of cat and mouse. Another Man's Poison was filmed in Yorkshire and directed by Irving Rapper (Now Voyager, The Corn is Green) with intense, gripping cinematography from Oscar-winner Robert Krasker (The Third Man, Brief)

Name Role
Bette Davis Janet Frobisher
Gary Merrill George Bates
Emlyn Williams Dr. Henderson
Original Language English
Run time 90 min
Year Completed 1951