The Barber Shop

Directed by W.C. Fields
Starring Elise Cavanna, Harry Watson, W.C. Fields
Run Time 20 min

Fields, the barber, walks a tightrope between the threats of his nagging wife and the attractions of his pretty manicurist. As one customer wastes away, forgotten in a steam cabinet, another, who is getting a shave, asks Fields why a mutt sits watching expectantly. Funny thing about that dog," Fields muses. "One day I was shaving a man, sliced his ear off and the dog got it. Been back ever since.""

Name Role
Mack Sennett Producer
Elise Cavanna Cast Member
Harry Watson Cast Member
W.C. Fields Cast Member
W.C. Fields Writer
W.C. Fields Director
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Run time 20 min
Year Completed 1933