Battling Butler

Directed by Buster Keaton
Starring Buster Keaton, Sally O'Neil, Snitz Edwrds, Francis McDonald
Theatrical Release Date August 20, 2019

Based on a Broadway play and British musical, the story revolves around a case of mistaken identity between two Alfred Butlers - one an effete millionare, the other the heavyweight champion of the world. Coincidence brings them to the same backwoods Kentucky neighborhood, where Butler-the-fop finds love with a mountain girl, but not before antagonizing Butler-the-brute into a Madison Square Garden grudge match.


Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L'Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory in association with Cohen Film Collection.

Name Role
Buster Keaton Cast Member
Buster Keaton Producer
Buster Keaton Director
Sally O'Neil Cast Member
Snitz Edwrds Cast Member
Francis McDonald Cast Member
Al Boasberg Writer
Lex Neal Writer
Joseph M. Schenck Producer
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Year Completed 1926