Broken Blossoms

Directed by D.W. Griffith
Starring Donald Crisp, Richard Barthelmess
Run Time 90 min

A Griffith masterpiece. Frustrated in his desire to bring the gentle teachings of Buddha to the tough denizens of London’s Limehouse slums, a disillusioned young Chinese man (Richard Barthelmess) loses himself in the reveries of opium mists until the plight of a young waif (Lillian Gish) startles him back to reality. He befriends and protects her, but when her pugilist father (Donald Crisp) beats her to death, the kimonoed Barthelmess murders him and carries her broken body back to his apartments where he commits suicide at the foot of his Buddhist altar.

Name Role
D.W. Griffith Director
D.W. Griffith Producer
D.W. Griffith Writer
Donald Crisp Cast Member
Billy Bitzer Cinematographer
Hendrik Sartov Cinematographer
Lillian Gish Associate Producer
Richard Barthelmess Cast Member
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Run time 90 min
Year Completed 1919