City of Women

Directed by Federico Fellini
Starring Marcello Mastroianni, Bernice Stegers, Anna Prucnal
Run Time 139 min

Federico Fellini's epic 1980 fantasia introduced the start of the Maestro's delirious late period. A surrealist tour-de-force filmed on soundstages and locations alike, and overflowing with the same sensory (and sensual) invention heretofore found only in the classic movie-musicals (and Fellini's own oeuvre), La città delle donne [City of Women] taps into the era's restless youth culture, coalescing into nothing less than Fellini's post-punk opus.


Marcello Mastroianni appears as Fellini's alter ego in a semi-reprise of his character from 8 1/2, Snàporaz. As though passing into a dream, the charismatic avatar finds himself initiated into a phantasmagoric world where women--or an idea of women--have taken power, and which is structured like an array of psychosexual set-pieces, culminating in a bravura hot-air balloon that decisively sticks the "anti" up into "climax."


CMG DVD & Blu-ray Extras:
\r\n• 30 minute Documentary on the film
\r\n• 20 minute interview with production designer Dante Ferretti
\r\n• 10 minute interview with filmmaker Tinto Brass
\r\n• Original Italian trailer
\r\n• Original French trailer
\r\n• 2015 re-release trailer


Phenomenal! A gigantic motion-picture spectacle!
The New York Times
Name Role
Marcello Mastroianni Cast Member
Federico Fellini Director
Bernice Stegers Cast Member
Anna Prucnal Cast Member
Original Language Italian
Run time 139 min
Year Completed 1980