Dancing with Crime

Directed by John Paddy Carstairs
Starring Richard Attenborough, Sheila Sim, Bill Rowbotham, Barry K. Barnes, Dirk Bogarde
Run Time 83 min

Army buddies Ted Peters (Attenborough) and Dave Robinson (Rowbotham) return to London after World War II. Peters gets an honest job as a taxi driver, working a night shift to save money for his wedding. Robinson, looking to make easy money, gets caught up with a gang operating out of a dance hall. When Robinson gets murdered, Peters sends his fiancé (Sim) under cover as a dance hall girl to prove the gang was involved.

Name Role
John Paddy Carstairs Director
Richard Attenborough Cast Member
Sheila Sim Cast Member
Bill Rowbotham Cast Member
Barry K. Barnes Cast Member
James A. Carter Producer
Brock Williams Writer (From a story by Peter Fraser)
Dirk Bogarde Cast Member with a brief appearance uncredited appearance by Dirk Bogarde
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Run time 83 min
Year Completed 1947