Dark Journey

Directed by Victor Saville
Starring Vivien Leigh, Conrad Veidt, Cecil Parker
Run Time 82 min

One of the great romantic classics of the 1930s. Radiant Vivien Leigh plays an Allied double agent in 1915 Stockholm. When the Germans, suspicious that she’s passing secrets to the French, send Chief of Intelligence Conrad Veidt to catch her, the two fall hopelessly in love.

Swift, colorful and engagingly tangled.
The New York Times
January 31 2014
Name Role
Vivien Leigh Cast Member
Arthur Wimperis Writer (Based on Biro’s play)
Victor Saville Producer
Victor Saville Director
Conrad Veidt Cast Member
Lajos Biro Writer
Cecil Parker Cast Member
Georges Périnal Cinematographer
Harry Stradling Cinematographer
Country United Kingdom
Original Language English
Run time 82 min
Year Completed 1937