Deli Man

Directed by Erik Greenberg Anjou
Starring Ziggy Gruber, Jerry Stiller, Fyvush Finkel, Larry King
Theatrical Release Date February 27, 2015
Run Time 91 min

At last, the deli documentary you've been waiting for! Erik Greenberg Anjou's film explores Jewish culture as it reflects the heart of a vital ethnic history.\r\n\r\nIn Houston, Texas, third-generation deli man Ziggy Gruber has built arguably the finest delicatessen restaurant in the U.S, Kenny & Ziggy's. His story – augmented by the stories of iconic delis such as Katz’s, 2nd Avenue Deli, Nate ‘n Al, Carnegie, and the Stage – embodies a tradition indelibly linked to its savory, nostalgic foods.\r\n\r\nIndulge in the deli foods you love and learn about the traditions that make deli one of America's great cuisines. See Deli Man in movie theaters starting February 27.

A Fascinating and Charming Film.
A Crowd Pleaser! Full of laughs and kitchen kitsch.\r\nDeli Man wraps itself around your heart and holds tight.
The Huffington Post
Name Role
Ziggy Gruber Cast Member
Jerry Stiller Cast Member
Fyvush Finkel Cast Member
Larry King Cast Member
Erik Greenberg Anjou Director
Erik Greenberg Anjou Producer
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Run time 91 min
Year Completed 2015