Expresso Bongo

Directed by Val Guest
Starring Hermione Baddeley, Laurence Harvey, Sylvia Syms, Cliff Richard, Yolande Donlan, Wilfrid Lawson
Run Time 111 min

This Fifties British classic is a fast-paced story about a cheap, opportunistic Soho talent agent (Harvey) who always looks for the quick buck. He's glib and he's flashy, a bluffer with a ready talent for the quick double-cross. When he picks up amateur singer and bongo player (Cliff Richard) in a Soho espresso bar, he uses a little bit of luck and tons of chutzpah to transform the kid into a highly-regarded international singing sensation.

Name Role
Wolf Mankowitz Writer
Hermione Baddeley Cast Member
Val Guest Director
Val Guest Producer
Laurence Harvey Cast Member
Sylvia Syms Cast Member
Cliff Richard Cast Member
Yolande Donlan Cast Member
Wilfrid Lawson Cast Member
Original Language English
Run time 111 min
Year Completed 1959