Fire Over England

Directed by William K. Howard
Starring Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier, Leslie Banks, Flora Robson
Run Time 90 min

During the reign of England's Queen Elizabeth I, a young naval officer (Laurence Olivier) spies on the Spanish and discovers their plans to send the Armada against England. This wins him the love of the Queen's lady-in-waiting (Vivien Leigh) as he takes the British fleet into battle.

Name Role
Vivien Leigh Cast Member
Laurence Olivier Cast Member
Clemence Dane Writer
Erich Pommer Producer
Alexander Korda Producer
Sergei Nolbandov Writer
A. E. W. Mason Writer
Leslie Banks Cast Member
William K. Howard Director
Flora Robson Cast Member
James Wong Howe Cinematographer
Run time 90 min
Year Completed 1937