Forever And A Day

Directed by Edmund Goulding, Victor Saville, Herbert Wilcox, Sir Cedric Hardwick, Frank Lloyd, Robert Stevenson, René Clair
Starring Charles Laughton, Elsa Lanchester, Gene Lockhart, Anna Neagle, Buster Keaton, Ray Milland, Claude Rains, Ray Bolger, Ida Lupino, Merle Oberon, Gladys Cooper, Herbert Marshall, Robert Cummings
Run Time 104 min

A romantic adventure from some of the best British talent of the 20th century, Forever and a Day recounts England’s struggles to retain the integrity of its empire and the freedom of its people by tracing the history of a picturesque London mansion, its illustrious builder, and his descendants. The film’s chronology spans from the Napoleonic period through the ravaging years of World War II.

Name Role
Charles Laughton Cast Member
Elsa Lanchester Cast Member
Gene Lockhart Cast Member
Edmund Goulding Director
Anna Neagle Cast Member
Victor Saville Director
Victor Saville Producer
Herbert Wilcox Producer
Herbert Wilcox Director
Sir Cedric Hardwick Director
Buster Keaton Cast Member
Frank Lloyd Director
Robert Stevenson Director
C.S. Forester Writer
John Van Druten Writer
Christopher Isherwood Writer
R.C. Sherriff Writer
Norman Corwin Writer
James Hilton Writer
Ray Milland Cast Member
Claude Rains Cast Member
Ray Bolger Cast Member
Ida Lupino Cast Member
Merle Oberon Cast Member
Gladys Cooper Cast Member
Herbert Marshall Cast Member
René Clair Director
Robert Cummings Cast Member
Country United Kingdom
Original Language English
Run time 104 min
Year Completed 1943