Glory to the Heroes

Directed by Bernard-Henri Lévy
Theatrical Release Date December 08, 2023
Run Time 89 min

In June 2023, Russia destroys the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine and commits an unprecedented ecocide. In response, French philosopher and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy returns to Ukraine to capture Ukraine’s deep humanity despite the dire conditions, and a civilian resilience and resistance unlike any other.

In Glory to the Heroes, Lévy, along with his co-director Marc Roussel, spends the summer in eastern Ukraine recording for the world a passionate ode to Ukraine’s courage on the battlefield while also depicting the overwhelming sorrow sowed by Russia’s continuous attacks on civilians. On the ground during the Ukrainian counteroffensive, Lévy and Roussel embed with elite forces on the frontline. With unprecedented access, they capture the horrors of war, the hopefulness of the Ukrainian citizens and their optimism in the face of senseless destruction.

Lévy has brought to the world a film that, now more than ever, is a painful reminder that this war is our war and it’s time for the West to urgently give Ukraine everything it needs to win. 

Join filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy for post-film Q&As in Washington, DC (December 9) and Los Angeles (December 10).

Name Role
Bernard-Henri Lévy Director
Marc Roussel Co-Director
Gilles Hertzog Special Advisor
Emily Hamilton Producer
Sarah Roussel Editing
Baptiste Palacin Sound
Mario Mondzie Sound
Country France, Ukraine
Languages French, Ukrainian and English
Original Language French
Subtitles English
Run time 89 min
Year Completed 2023
Press Notes

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Crest Cinema Center Shoreline December 11, 2023 Tickets
Landmark Theaters Sunset West Hollywood December 10, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema Chicago December 18, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's E Street Cinema Washington December 09, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's Ritz 5 Philadelphia December 11, 2023 Tickets
Quad Cinemas 4 New York December 08, 2023 Tickets
United Nations New York December 06, 2023 Tickets