Going Away

Directed by Nicole Garcia
Starring Pierre Rochefort, Louise Bourgoin, Dominique Sanda, Déborah François
Theatrical Release Date October 02, 2015
Run Time 95 min

Baptiste is a loner. A gifted primary teacher living in the south of France, he knows how to bring their schoolwork alive for his pupils but never remains in the same job for more than a term. His unremarkable appearance masks cracks, even violence...\r\nWhen he is left unwittingly in charge of Mathias one weekend by the child’s negligent father, the boy takes Baptiste to his mother Sandra, a dazzling but fragile woman who works on the beach near Montpellier.\r\nAn erratic parent who longs to make amends, she welcomes Baptiste and her son into her bungalow. For one enchanted day, a powerful spell unites them, the beginnings of a family for those who do not have one.\r\nBut it won’t last. Sandra owes money and her creditors are moving in. She is forced to flee again. To help her, Baptiste must return to the roots of his life, and to the darkest, most painful secrets within him...

Name Role
Nicole Garcia Writer
Nicole Garcia Director
Jacques Fieschi Writer
Philippe Martin Producer
Pierre Rochefort Cast Member
Louise Bourgoin Cast Member
Dominique Sanda Cast Member
Déborah François Cast Member
Country France
Original Language French
Run time 95 min
Year Completed 2013