Hail Mary

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard
Starring Myriem Roussel, Thierry Rode, Juliette Binoche
Run Time 107 min

Denounced by the Pope and banned and boycotted worldwide, this surprisingly serene and lyrical work translates the Virgin Birth into tangible contemporary terms, with Mary as a teenage basketball-playing gas-station attendant who receives the Annunciation by jetliner. Mary is a beautiful yet ordinary teenager who vows to maintain her chastity. Following a warning from an angel, a confused and innocent Mary unexpectedly falls pregnant and is forced to wed her taxi-driving boyfriend Joseph. He, in turn, must love his virgin bride from a distance, revering her without touching her. Forced to face a shocking reality, Mary and Joseph along with their family and friends must struggle to cope as the provocative theme unfolds. Hail Mary is a sensational and bold work from French master director Jean-Luc Godard which touched off an uproar of protest heard around the world.

Name Role
Myriem Roussel Cast Member
Jean-Luc Godard Director
Thierry Rode Cast Member
Juliette Binoche Cast Member
Country United Kingdom, Switzerland, France
Original Language French
Run time 107 min
Year Completed 1985