Hotel Sahara

Directed by Ken Annakin
Starring Peter Ustinov, Yvonne De Carlo, David Tomlinson, Roland Culver, Albert Lieven
Run Time 96 min

This witty World War II comedy centers on a luxury hotel in North Africa owned by Emad (Ustinov), who wants to flee. But his fiancée, the luscious Yasmin (Yvonne de Carlo), insists they stay. As their desert oasis is occupied by a succession of armies from the Italian, English, French, and German sides, Yasmin must charm the leaders of each of the troops with her beauty, wit, and seductive charm. Finally the war ends and Emad has Yasmin to himself…and then the Americans arrive.

Name Role
Peter Ustinov Cast Member
George H. Brown Writer
Yvonne De Carlo Cast Member
Patrick Kirwin Writer
David Tomlinson Cast Member
Roland Culver Cast Member
Albert Lieven Cast Member
George H. Brown Producer
Ken Annakin Director
Run time 96 min
Year Completed 1951