In Custody

Directed by Ismail Merchant
Theatrical Release Date April 15, 1994
Run Time 126 min

Ismail Merchant's feature directorial debut addresses a subject close to his heart: the expressive Urdu language of Northern India, in danger of extinction as political trends and modernization obscure its contributions to Indian culture. Merchant 's treatment is wry and good humored , as his characters - an aging Urdu poet (Shashi Kapoor) and a worshipful young college lecturer - clash despite their shared passion for the beauty of words. Anita Desai adapted her novel with Shahrukh Husain, incorporating poems by Urdu author Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The movie won the President of India Gold Medal for Best Picture in 1994. New 2K Digitization.

Name Role
Shashi Kapoor Nur
Shabana Azmi Imtiaz Begum
Om Puri Deven
Ismail Merchant Director
Country United States, India
Original Language Hindi
Run time 126 min