In The House

Directed by François Ozon
Starring Emmanuelle Seigner, Ernst Umhauer, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Fabrice Luchini, Bastien Ughetto
Theatrical Release Date April 19, 2013
Run Time 105 min

Sixteen-year-old Claude (Ernst Unhauer) insinuates himself into the house of fellow high school student Rapha (Bastien Ughetto), writing about his family in essays that perversely blur the lines between reality and fiction for his jaded literature teacher Germain (Fabrice Luchini). Intrigued by this gifted and unusual student, Germain rediscovers his taste for teaching, but the boy’s intrusion sparks a series of uncontrollable events. Kristin Scott-Thomas plays Germain’s wife, Jeanne, a contemporary art gallery director who avidly follows Claude’s semi-imaginary escapades, while Emmanuelle Seigner plays Rapha’s mom, Claude’s object of desire.\r\n

One of this year’s outstanding films. Francois Ozon’s diabolical comedy is sinfully delicious!
Stephen Holden
The New York Times
Surprising… intriguing and addictive.
Doris Toumarkine
Film Journal International
A remarkable film!
Scott Foundas
Village Voice
A impressive and handsomely assembled film that’s as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.
Boyd Van Hoeij
Brilliant… deliciously witty and cunningly clever!
Ronald Bergan
Slant Magazine
Name Role
Emmanuelle Seigner Cast Member
Ernst Umhauer Cast Member
Kristin Scott-Thomas Cast Member
Fabrice Luchini Cast Member
Bastien Ughetto Cast Member
François Ozon Writer
François Ozon Director
Country France
Original Language French
Subtitles English
Run time 105 min
Year Completed 2013