Les Parents Terribles

Directed by Jean Cocteau
Starring Jean Marais, Josette Day, Yvonne de Bray, Marcel André, Gabrielle Dorziat
Theatrical Release Date May 25, 2018
Run Time 1 hr 45 min

When Michel, who's 22, tells his parents he is in love, his mother Yvonne is distraught, believing she will lose his love (which is the center of her life), and his father Georges is distressed because it is Georges' mistress, Madeleine, whom his son loves. Yvonne and Georges financially and emotionally depend on Michel's maiden aunt, Léo, who was once engaged to Georges but gave him up to her sister. Léo resolves to help them separate Michel and Madeleine, choreographs an elaborate meeting at Madeleine's flat where Georges concocts a lie that Madeleine feels she must embrace, and the lovers part. Aunt Léo then has a change of heart and tries to put everything right.

Name Role
Jean Cocteau Director
Jean Marais Cast Member
Josette Day Cast Member
Yvonne de Bray Cast Member
Marcel André Cast Member
Gabrielle Dorziat Cast Member
Country France
Original Language French
Subtitles English
Run time 1 hr 45 min
Year Completed 1948