Magician: The Astonishing Life & Work of Orson Welles

Directed by Chuck Workman
Starring Costa-Gavras, Orson Welles, Martin Scorsese, Peter Bogdanovich, Richard Linklater, Steven Spielberg, Jeanne Moreau, Walter Murch
Theatrical Release Date December 10, 2014
Run Time 95 min

Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles looks at the remarkable genius of Orson Welles on the eve of his centenary - the enigma of his career as a Hollywood star, a Hollywood director (for some a Hollywood failure), and a crucially important independent filmmaker.\r\n\r\nNorth American Premiere at the 2014 Telluride Film Festival.

Fascinating. A bouquet to cinematic history.
A lively and fresh retelling of the protean artist’s eventful life.
The Hollywood Reporter
A lively…energetic, fast-moving portrait. Workman provides a strong visual sense of the world in which Welles lived and worked.
The Hollywood Reporter
This valuable documentary is the easiest, and in some cases only, way to appreciate the work of one of the medium's most accomplished artists.
Name Role
Charles S. Cohen Producer
Costa-Gavras Cast Member
Chuck Workman Director
Orson Welles Cast Member
Martin Scorsese Cast Member
Peter Bogdanovich Cast Member
Richard Linklater Cast Member
Steven Spielberg Cast Member
Jeanne Moreau Cast Member
Walter Murch Cast Member
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Run time 95 min
Year Completed 2014