Monsieur Hire

Monsieur Hire

Directed by Patrice Leconte
Starring Michel Blanc, Sandrine Bonnaire
Theatrical Release Date December 31, 1989
Run Time 80 min

"Stylish and Inventive" - Village Voice

"A Classic Psychological Thriller" - The Daily Telegraph

"A Surprisingly Moving Erotic Thriller" - Newsweek

"A Twisted Love Story and a Tragic Thriller" - London Sunday Times

"MONSIEUR HIRE is so delicate that you almost hold your breath during the last half-hour. Events of grave subtlety are taking place. FOUR STARS" - Roger Ebert

"Chillingly beautiful…A powerful, enigmatically modern love story." - Molly Haskell, Film Comment

Adapted from the book by Georges Simenon, Monsieur Hire is a film of gorgeously muted widescreen color and “funereal beauty” (The Washington Post) that coolly unpacks sexual obsession and romantic love with intelligence and understated intensity. A young girl is brutally murdered. The prime suspect is a cold and reclusive man who is obsessed with his beautiful neighbor. He spends his nights watching her through his window, but when she discovers that she is being spied on, she becomes the aggressor in an erotically charged relationship that leads to a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Name Role
Patrice Leconte Director
Michel Blanc Cast Member
Sandrine Bonnaire Cast Member
Country France
Languages French with English Subtitles
Subtitles Yes
Run time 80 min