Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

Directed by Albert E. Lewin
Starring Ava Gardner, James Mason
Theatrical Release Date February 07, 2020
Run Time 126 min

A timeless romance based on the legend of the Flying Dutchman. Ava Gardner, one of the most beautiful screen goddesses of all time, plays Pandora, a woman who has never fallen in love. When she meets the dashing but doomed captain Hendrik van der Zee, he pushes her to commit an ultimate act of love.

Passionate, classical, mysterious and surreal all at once.
January 14 2014
Watching this film is like entering a strange and wonderful dream.
Martin Scorsese
January 31 2014
Name Role
Albert E. Lewin Director
Ava Gardner Cast Member
James Mason Cast Member
Joe Kaufmann Producer
Albert Lewin Producer
Albert Lewin Writer
Country United Kingdom
Original Language English
Run time 126 min
Year Completed 1951