Robin Hood

Starring Douglas Fairbanks, Wallace Beery, Mary Pickford
Theatrical Release Date October 28, 1922
Run Time 133 min

A big-screen spectacle that ranks as one of the monumental accomplishments of the silent era, ROBIN HOOD is a timeless story of romance and intrigue, staged on a herculean scale.  Its sets were erected by an army of 500 carpenters and towered 90 feet in the air, covering acres of land – historically accurate to the smallest detail.  For this restoration, a full frame 35MM fine grain positive was scanned at 4K, with 175 hours of digital clean-up at 2K completed.

New musical score compiled from historic photoplay music by Rodney Sauer and performed by The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra 

"Awe-inspiring!  Unique in every respect...An unsurpassable achievement" - Kevin Brownlow in The Parade's Gone By

Name Role
Douglas Fairbanks Cast Member
Douglas Fairbanks Writer
Kenneth Davenport Writer
Wallace Beery Cast Member
Edward Knoblock Writer
Mary Pickford Cast Member
Allan Dwan Director, Writer
Lotta Woods Writer
Douglas Fairbanks Producer
Run time 133 min
Year Completed 1922