A Scandal in Paris

Directed by Douglas Sirk
Starring George Sanders, Carole Landis, Signe Hasso, Akim Tamiroff, Gene Lockhart
Run Time 100 min

From the memoirs of François Eugène Vidocq, the elegant thief turned chief of police of all Paris, comes this rediscovered classic of melodrama and romance. George Sanders is at his debonair best as we see him climb from clever criminal through the ranks of French society in the early 1800's, with seemingly nothing to stop him from the biggest heist of his career ... except, perhaps, the charms of a young lady.\r\n\r\n“If you talk of art, I consider SCANDAL IN PARIS my best picture.” – Douglas Sirk

Name Role
George Sanders Cast Member
Francois-Eugene Vidocq Writer
Carole Landis Cast Member
Ellis St. Joseph Writer
Signe Hasso Cast Member
Akim Tamiroff Cast Member
Gene Lockhart Cast Member
Arnold Pressburger Producer
Douglas Sirk Director
Original Language English
Run time 100 min
Year Completed 1946