Slava Ukraini

Theatrical Release Date May 03, 2023
Run Time 94 min

One year after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy takes us to the heart of the combat through this war diary made during the second half of 2022. From Kharkiv and Bakhmut to Kherson, in the aftermath of the city’s liberation, this documentary bears witness to the ravages of war through the testimonies of soldiers, chronicles of the front and portraits of civilians, and shares with us the struggle of the Ukrainian people.

Name Role
Bernard-Henri Lévy Director, Writer
Marc Roussel Co-Director, Images
Gilles Hertzog Advisor
Olivier Jacquin Images, Editing
Yaroslav Prokopenko Images
Slava Vakarchuk Music Composition, Musical Producer
Milos Jelic Musical Producer
François Margolin Producer
Emily Hamilton Associate Producer
Nataliia Gryvniak Co-production
Vitaly Saprykin Co-production
Serge Osipenko Special thanks
Country France, Ukraine
Languages English, French, Ukrainian
Subtitles Yes
Run time 94 min
Year Completed 2023
Press Notes

Theatrical Playdates

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Cinematique of Daytona Daytona Beach June 09, 2023 Coming Soon
GoggleWorks Film Theatre Reading May 26, 2023 Coming Soon
Lake Worth Playhouse Lake Worth May 05, 2023 Tickets
Landmark Westwood Los Angeles May 05, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's Century Centre Cinema Chicago May 05, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's E Street Cinema Washington May 05, 2023 Tickets
Landmark's Ritz 5 Philadelphia May 05, 2023 Tickets
Quad Cinemas 4 New York May 03, 2023 Tickets
Silverspot Cinema Miami May 05, 2023 Tickets
United Nations New York May 04, 2023 Tickets