Son of the Sheik

Directed by George Fitzmaurice
Starring Rudolph Valentino, Vilma Banky, Agnes Ayres, George Fawcett
Run Time 74 minutes min

The son of the sheik and a dancing girl fall in love, but when he is made to believe she has betrayed him he seeks revenge.

A wonderfully exotic and romantic adventure complete with desert chases, stunts, last minute rescues, daring escapes and ferocious fights. Valentino plays both father and son in this tongue-in-cheek romp that many think is his best film.
United Artists
Name Role
Rudolph Valentino Cast Member
Vilma Banky Cast Member
Agnes Ayres Cast Member
Joseph M. Schenck Producer
Frances Marion Writer
George Fawcett Cast Member
William Cameron Menzies Cinematographer
Fred De Gresac Writer
George Fitzmaurice Director
Country United States of America
Run time 74 minutes min
Year Completed 1926