Song of Freedom

Directed by J. Elder Wills
Starring Paul Robeson, Elizabeth Welch, George Mozart, Joan Fred Emney, Arthur Williams, Ronald Simpson, Esme Percy
Run Time 80 min

Based on the popular Wallace novel, Bosambo (Robeson) is used by Sanders (Leslie Banks), the British administrator, to keep the other natives in line and satisfied with British governance. Later, Bosambo is rewarded for his efforts by being proclaimed King over all the tribes.

Name Role
Paul Robeson Cast Member
Ingram D'Abbes Writer
Philip Lindsay Writer
Elizabeth Welch Cast Member
Claude Wallace Writer
Dorothy Holloway Writer
Fenn Sherie Writer
Michael Barringer Writer
Will Hammer Producer
George Mozart Cast Member
Joan Fred Emney Cast Member
Arthur Williams Cast Member
Ronald Simpson Cast Member
Esme Percy Cast Member
J. Elder Wills Director
Run time 80 min
Year Completed 1936