St. Martin's Lane

Directed by Tim Whelan
Starring Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Tyrone Guthrie, Larry Adler
Run Time 85 min

On St. Martin’s Lane in London, a popular spot for street performers, a busker (Charles Laughton) works a poor girl (Vivien Leigh) into his act. As her popularity rises, he guides her to stardom even though it means sacrificing his love for her. Leigh is mesmerizing in her final film before Gone With the Wind.

Name Role
Charles Laughton Cast Member
Bartlett Cormack Writer
Vivien Leigh Cast Member
Clemence Dane Writer
Charles Laughton Writer
Rex Harrison Cast Member
Tyrone Guthrie Cast Member
Larry Adler Cast Member
Tim Whelan Director
Erich Pommer Producer
Country United Kingdom
Original Language English
Run time 85 min
Year Completed 1938