Storm in a Teacup

Directed by Ian Dalrymple, Victor Saville
Starring Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Cecil Parker, Sara Allgood, Victor Sarine
Run Time 87 min

A local politician tries to break a reporter who writes a negative story about him, crushing his political ambitions. Charming chaos follows when the writer, now in love with the daughter of the politician, is sued by her father, ending in an uproarious courtroom confrontation.

Name Role
Vivien Leigh Cast Member
Brun Frank Writer
Rex Harrison Cast Member
James Bridle Writer
Ian Dalrymple Writer
Donald Bull Writer
Cecil Parker Cast Member
Sara Allgood Cast Member
Victor Sarine Cast Member
Alexander Korda Producer
Ian Dalrymple Director
Victor Saville Director
Run time 87 min
Year Completed 1937