Talk About Jacqueline

Directed by Harold French
Starring Hugh Williams, Carla Lehmann, Joyce Howard, Roland Culver, John Warwick, Guy Middleton, Max Adrian, Katie Johnson
Run Time 84 min

While yachting and flirting on the Riviera, a woman with a past meets a shy, retiring young researcher from the Far East and, against her better judgment, marries him. When he runs across some scandalous gossip touching her past, her younger sister steps in claiming she is the subject of the notoriety.

Name Role
Hugh Williams Cast Member
Marjorie Deans Writer
Carla Lehmann Cast Member
Roland Pertwee Writer
Joyce Howard Cast Member
Marcel Hellman Producer
Roland Culver Cast Member
John Warwick Cast Member
Guy Middleton Cast Member
Max Adrian Cast Member
Katie Johnson Cast Member
Harold French Director
Original Language English
Run time 84 min
Year Completed 1942