The Black Pirate

Directed by Albert Parker
Theatrical Release Date March 08, 1926

"The Black Pirate" is an adventure film starring Douglas Fairbanks as a young nobleman seeking revenge for his father's death at the hands of Captain Alvarez and his ruthless pirates. Marooned on a deserted island, he forms an alliance with fellow captives to fight back. As the Black Pirate, he infiltrates Alvarez's ship, engaging in daring sword fights and acrobatics. The film features a captivating musical score by Mortimer Wilson, adding depth to the thrilling story. With its innovative use of two-strip Technicolor, "The Black Pirate" remains a classic that transports the audience into the world of piracy and heroism.

Name Role
Albert Parker Director
Douglas Fairbanks The Black Pirate (Michel)
Billie Dove The Princess
Anders Randolf Pirate Leader
Donald Crisp McTavish