The Damned

Directed by René Clément
Starring Marcel Dalio, Henri Vidal, Florence Marley
Run Time 105 min

In 1945 at the close of the war, a submarine leaves Oslo for South America with German leaders and several pro-Nazi officials aboard hoping to escape their fate in Europe. A young French doctor is forced to join them to tend a wounded passenger. The stage is set for scheming, intrigue and mutiny. A claustrophobic and gritty post-war rediscovered gem from director Clément (FORBIDDEN GAMES).

...a graphic and generally exciting entertainment, which also is a sober comment on the wages of political sin.
The New York Times
Name Role
Jacques Rémy Writer
René Clément Director
René Clément Writer
Marcel Dalio Cast Member
Henri Vidal Cast Member
Florence Marley Cast Member
Country France
Original Language French
Run time 105 min
Year Completed 1947