The Navigator

Directed by Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp
Starring Buster Keaton, Frederick Vroom, Kathryn McGuire
Theatrical Release Date July 09, 2019
Run Time 59 min

Rollo (Buster Keaton) decides to marry his sweetheart Betsy and sail to Honolulu. When she rejects him he decides to go alone but boards the wrong ship, the Navigator" owned by Betsy's father. Unaware of this, Betsy boards the ship to look for her father. whom spies capture before cutting the ship loose. It drifts out to sea with the two socialites each unaware of there being anyone else on board"


Restored by Cineteca di Bologna at L'Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory in association with Cohen Film Collection.

Name Role
Clyde Bruckman Writer
Buster Keaton Director
Buster Keaton Cast Member
Joseph A. Mitchell Writer
Donald Crisp Director
Frederick Vroom Cast Member
Kathryn McGuire Cast Member
Country United States of America
Original Language English
Subtitles English
Run time 59 min
Year Completed 1924