The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Directed by Lewis Gilbert
Starring Michael Redgrave, Dirk Bogarde, Anthony Steel, Nigel Patrick
Run Time 91 min

In this most memorable WWII saga, four Allied men struggle to survive in a lifeboat on the North Sea after their plane is shot down. One of the men carries secret documents that can save London from Nazi destruction. In a daring race against time, will their rescuers save them before Nazi U-boats, stormy seas, exposure, and enemy-mined waters kill them?

Name Role
Michael Redgrave Cast Member
Daniel M. Angel Producer
Lewis Gilbert Writer
Dirk Bogarde Cast Member
Anthony Nelson Keys Producer
Vernon Harris Writer
Anthony Steel Cast Member
John Harris Writer
Nigel Patrick Cast Member
Lewis Gilbert Director
Run time 91 min
Year Completed 1954