The Strong Man

Directed by Frank Capra
Starring Tay Garnett
Theatrical Release Date September 19, 1926
Run Time 76 min

Under the direction of legendary filmmaker Frank Capra, Harry Langdon is at his charming, childlike best in this handsomely produced and utterly hilarious film that vividly represents the great tradition of American slapstick.  After a tour of duty in the No-Man's-Land of World Wat I, a witless young Belgian (Langdon) comes to America and seeks out the dedicated pen pal (Priscilla Bonner) whose letters lifted his spirits during the heat of the battle.  But to Paul, the land of opportunity turns out to be a world of confusion, as his quest leads him from mishap to comic disaster.

Name Role
Frank Capra Director
Arthur Ripley Writer
Harry Langdon Producer
Priscilla Bonner Mary Brown
Harry Langdon Paul Bergot
Gertrude Astor Lily of Broadway
Tay Garnett Cast Member
Hal Conklin Writer
Eddy Reed Heustis Writer
Tay Garnett Writer
Elgin Lessley Cinematography
Glenn Kershner Cinematography
Run time 76 min
Year Completed 1926