The Two of Us

Directed by Claude Berri
Starring Roger Carel, Paul Préboist, Luce Fabiole, Alain Cohen, Charles Denner, Michel Simon
Theatrical Release Date December 22, 2017
Run Time 1h 26min min

A comically bittersweet coming of age story, Claude Berri’s The Two of Us is also a poignant drama of identity and heritage. When an 8-year-old Jewish boy (Alain Cohen) living in Nazi-occupied France is sent by his parents to live in the country with the Catholic parents of their friends, he is faced with a culture clash both religious and generational. As the grandfatherly Pepe, beloved character actor Michel Simon infuses the role with a gruff tenderness, his growing relationship with the boy a touching portrayal of connection in a broken world. Cohen Film Collection is proud to present a gorgeous new 4K restoration of this world cinema classic.

Name Role
Claude Berri Director
Claude Berri Writer
Gérard Brach Writer
Michel Rivelin Writer
Roger Carel Cast Member
Paul Préboist Cast Member
Luce Fabiole Cast Member
Alain Cohen Cast Member
Charles Denner Cast Member
Michel Simon Cast Member
Country France
Original Language French
Subtitles English
Run time 1h 26min min
Year Completed 1967