This Was A Woman

Directed by Tim Whelan
Starring Sonia Dresdel, Barbara White, Walter Fitzgerald, Cyril Raymond, Emrys Jones, Scott Forbes, Marjorie Rhodes, Joan Hickson
Run Time 102 min

A domineering woman leads her family to ruin by destroying her daughter’s marriage and poisoning her husband. When she sets her sights on the next man, her son wises up to her evil ways and forces her to face these criminal actions.

Name Role
Sonia Dresdel Cast Member
Joan Morgan Writer
Barbara White Cast Member
Val Valentine Writer
Walter Fitzgerald Cast Member
Cyril Raymond Cast Member
Marcel Hellman Producer
Tim Whelan Director
Emrys Jones Cast Member
Scott Forbes Cast Member
Marjorie Rhodes Cast Member
Joan Hickson Cast Member
Original Language English
Run time 102 min
Year Completed 1949