Wings of the Morning

Directed by Harold Schuster
Starring Henry Fonda, Annabella, Stewart Rome, John McCormack, Leslie Banks
Run Time 89 min

Set amidst the exciting world of horse racing and shot in beautiful Technicolor, a young noblewoman must marry a Duke to fulfill the prophecy of her Romany ancestors. But she becomes enamored with a horse trainer (Henry Fonda) and joins forces with him to enter the Epsom Downs Derby with a horse named Wings.

The green, blue and grey of the Killarney landscapes, and the bright rainbow colours of Epsom on Derby Day, must have had an overwhelming effect on contemporary audiences.
Time Out
January 24 2014
Name Role
Henry Fonda Cast Member
Thomas J. Geraghty Writer
Annabella Cast Member
Brian Oswald Writer
Stewart Rome Cast Member
Donn-Byrne Writer
John McCormack Cast Member
Leslie Banks Cast Member
Robert Kane Producer
Harold Schuster Director
Run time 89 min
Year Completed 1937